UPDATE 9.12.2017:
The lawsuit filed asking for a judge to rule whether the language in the referendum was legislative or administrative in the 2nd District Court in Farmington has been dismissed.  The plaintiffs asked our attorney to dismiss this and upon opening the details of the case discovered that because the case was not being "worked" the Judge dismissed the case without prejudice.  This means that there was no decision made, and the lawsuit is closed.

Thank you again to all those that participated in the referendum!  We are glad to have such a good outcome.

UPDATE 7.1.2017:
The campaign season for the 2017 Bountiful City mayor and council elections are underway.  The Better Bountiful Committee has send the following notification and candidate information list out.  Please contact us with any questions.  Thank you again for the support.

Better Bountiful Elections Candidates and Information Email 

2017 Candidates Information List (Websites, Facebook Links, Email etc)

UPDATE 3.6.2017:

Late Monday, 2.27.2017 Bountiful City released the following press release notifying all that they planned to cancel plans to build a new city hall. Please see details here.

The Better Bountiful committee would publicly like to thank all those that supported the effort.  We look forward to working closely with you and the city.  Please see press release here.

Please stay tuned.

UPDATE 2.19.2017:

  • We are still in line for a Judge to review the lawsuit filed a few weeks ago.
  • There have been a plethora of news stories, and articles lately.  Please see links below:
  1. Past leaders chime in on plaza plan
  2. Sorting through the facts and figures about the new city hall
  3. Mayor think Better Bountiful Group just a Squeaky Wheel
  4. Bountiful officials don’t need petition to know how residents feel
  5. Land use planning is legislative, not administrative


  1. KSL
  2. KUTV Channel 2
  3. Fox 13
  4. Rod Arquette Show (At 91 minute mark. Aired 02-07-2017/Posted February 8, 2017)
  5. Washington Times (Copy from AP)
  6. The Davis Clipper


  • 2600 Signatures required.
  • 4000+ Signatures obtained.
  • Bountiful City officially rejected the referendum after the county verified 3,771 signatures as valid.  Over 1,000 more than needed.  This means that even though there is a huge number of residents that want this voted on by the residents, the city leaders and management are using all means necissary to avoid a vote.
  • Better Bountiful Group files lawsuit that, if case successful would force a vote based upon the language in the referendum.  This vote would take place in Nov. of 2017, unless the council ordered a special vote on it earlier.

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